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    Good Afternoon! (3/30/2020)
    Below is a list of student enrichment resources/lessons for our K-12 students & parents. Also included in the PDF is the LNS Emergency Action Plan and LNS Contact information. - the link below is a PDF that includes ALL the titles/subjects below (15 pages total):

    Click here for the PDF Packet

    -Lummi Nation School K-6 Math Log
    -LNS Reading Log
    -K-6 Bingo Board
    -Math Fact Practice
    -Grade Level Math Activities
    -Math Games
    -Math Art
    -Online Reading Resources (K-3)
    -Online Reading Resources (4-6)
    -Reading Activities (K-3)
    -Reading Activities (4-6)
    -Writing Activities (K-3)
    -Writing Activities (4-6)
    -*Lummi Nation School Emergency Action Plan for Continued Education
    -*Lummi Nation School Contact Information


    The Lummi Nation School will be closed due to the Covid19 Virus until at least April 24, 2020 - Thank you and please be safe.

    -Wash your hands
    -Use hand sanitizer when available
    -Cover your cough/sneeze
    -Dispose of used tissues immediately after use
    -Avoid touching your face/mouth
    -Stay home if you are sick
    -Do not share food/drink


    Have a good day & GO BLACKHAWKS!

    What's Cookin for 2019/20


    Monthly Menu: Click Here

    Hello LNS Parents & Guardians, [At no cost to you] 
    Please sit and join your child for a delicious meal, courtesy of the Johnson O’Malley (JOM) program.

    Your feedback is encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. 
    ***Please make sure to check in at the security podium.

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